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The Student Experience

Workshop U integrates the learning that occurs in classes, internships and coaching so that you can develop a deep sense of who you are and what you want next, and while you do that, develop a set of skills (we call them "durable" skills - it's the stuff that really matters) so you can take action on a plan that is true to yourself. All of these experiences can be awarded college credit at our partnering college

Example Schedule

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This is a part-time program and all of the classes/experiences occur two days a week in person. 

A Workshop U Education Is...


It’s your life. Who are we to tell you what it should look like? We give you the skills to make your vision for the future a reality.


If you ever have to ask, "Why am I learning this?", we are doing it wrong. Engage in deep, immersive learning experiences connecting you and your world. 


Learn durable, transferable skills to help you succeed in virtually any job and even outside of work. Gain real experience and build your personal and professional networks while earning industry credentials.


Students admitted to our founding cohort may be eligible to earn up to 18 college credits through our partnering college, earn at least one industry certification and complete a paid internship over the course of one year, all at zero charge.



Driven by a mission to change the way students succeed in school, Workshop Learning is the non-profit behind Workshop U. Learn more about our organization and other initiatives at

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