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Workshop U

The New Movement In
Higher Education

Workshop U is an innovative post-secondary program where students develop a deep sense of who they are and a set of skills that allows them to carry out a plan that is true to themselves.

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The Workshop U Experience

As a part of our program, Workshop U students will have access to

Classes and Workshops

In-Person and Online

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Why Workshop U?

College is broken. It’s become too expensive and often doesn’t teach skills that translate to the workplace. With Workshop U, students gain...

A Return on investment

Graduate with little to no debt, with a network and resume that help you find the right job for you.

Skills for life

Develop the skills that employers value most, and that help you navigate networks, opportunities and relationships.

Control over your vision

Life is more than earning a paycheck. Design a life that reflects your goals and values. 

Join Our Founding Cohort

Join us as we launch our pilot this fall and become part of the change needed in higher-education

We have limited space so apply now!

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